Keynote: The Work of Critical Digital Pedagogy

8:15 AM–9:30 AM Jun 10, 2019 (US - Mountain)



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It is urgent we have teachers, it is urgent we employ them, pay them, support them with adequate resources; but it is also urgency which defines the project of teaching. In a political climate increasingly defined by its obstinacy, lack of criticality, and deflection of fact and care; in a society still divided across lines of race, nationality, religion, gender, sexuality, income, ability, and privilege; in a digital culture shaped by algorithms that neither know nor accurately portray truth, teaching has an important (urgent) role to play. We posit a pedagogy—critical pedagogy specifically – as a lever for change, and ask you to join us in resisting the stories that the logic of machines dictates the shape of the future. Instead let us center care and equity in our practices—to center humans—knowing this will require a radical reinvestment in the educational mission of our institutions.

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