Transforming Computer Labs into Innovation Labs

9:45 AM–11:15 AM Jun 10, 2019 (US - Mountain)

Torreys 4


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Learn about how Thompson School District is transforming old K-8 computer labs into Innovation Labs. As more devices are deployed to students to use within classrooms for contextual learning, K-8 Computer Labs have become irrelevant. These new labs are also designed to provide a pipeline for H.S. Career and Technical Education. The modules below can be mixed and matched by different elementary and middle schools based on their available room size and layout. Also, modules can be grouped together to align with a building’s curricular themes. For example, if a room is large, up to four modules could be chosen to fit into each corner. But it the room is small, maybe only two modules would logically fit together. The whole lab would be facilitated by a licenced technology teacher. 1. Ideation & Collaboration Den 2. Fabrication Shop (Elementary) 3. Fabrication Shop (Middle School) 4. Multimedia Studio -music/video (Elementary) 5. Multimedia Studio -music/video (Middle School) 6. Fluid Works (Aviation and Watercraft) 7. Health and Medical Zone 8. Computer Science Center

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