Middle School Minds Blown with Micro:bit

12:15 PM–1:45 PM Jun 10, 2019 (US - Mountain)

Torreys 2


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Learn how Adams 12 Five Star Schools partnered with SparkFun Electronics to implement an emerging technology to expand Computer Science course offerings in middle school with the micro:bit. The results have exceeded all expectations! Come hear the story of their journey, experience the micro:bit yourself, and leave with lessons to implement tomorrow! The micro:bit is an exciting new tool for teaching computing. This tiny, inexpensive (cheaper than 3 cups of coffee!) computer is smaller than a credit card and includes buttons, LEDs, and sensors. Engaging both teachers and students alike, the micro:bit delivers leash-free learning experiences that allow for collaboration, design thinking, creativity, project-based learning, and so much more! This session is a wonderful and fun opportunity for all levels of experience. Participants will explore computational thinking in an accessible way and gain access to 9-weeks of classroom-ready curriculum aligned to the CSTA and ISTE standards. Please bring a USB enabled device for best results.

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