A Tool Parade: Developing Critical Digital Literacies

12:15 PM–1:45 PM Jun 10, 2019 (US - Mountain)



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Digital pedagogy asks us to think critically about our tools, asks us to reflect actively upon our own practice. This session will be a rapid-fire “tool parade” that aims to introduce as many tools as possible. The focus will be on free and open-access tools ranging from tools for text-analysis and mapping to tools for writing and collaboration. We will conclude with an activity that asks participants to critically evaluate several digital tools, asking hard questions about the tool, what pedagogies it might have baked in, and how we can most ethically use it. The best digital tools inspire us, often to use them in ways the designer couldn’t anticipate. The worst digital tools attempt to dictate our pedagogies, determining what we can do with them and for whom. The digital pedagogue teaches her tools, doesn’t let them teach her.